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Samantha Lanza: She could be the next Carrie Bradshaw

The mother of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting victims has said that Samantha Lanzas youngest daughter, who went missing in the hours after the massacre, is a good example of what can happen when a child is left in the dark.

Lanza, who has been on the run since the shooting, spoke out about her daughter’s case during a Facebook Live session with her family and friends, adding that she is not trying to hide her sadness.

“We were just trying to be as supportive as we can with her.

We wanted her to come home safe and sound,” she said.

“She is a wonderful kid.”

Lanzas youngest child, Samantha, was one of the first students to leave Sandy Hook Elementary School.

She had been with her mother and stepfather at the school since it reopened on Tuesday, the day after the shooting.

A spokeswoman for Lanzamas sister told ABC News that the family is not “holding back” on her recovery.

“The only thing that I’m going to do is be as strong as I can to be the mommy and the dad,” she told the network.

Lanzamas statement came just hours after a plea from Lanzay, who said her daughter was “lonely” and had been “shaken to the core” by the shootings.

Lanzamases statement is the latest from the family to weigh in on the Sandy H. Brown Elementary School shooting.

In January, she and Lanza’s father, Adam Lanza, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the December 2012 massacre.

In December, Lanzashaus mother, Nancy Lanzahas, spoke about the incident and the impact it had on her son.

In the Facebook Live video, Lanza said that her daughter has always been “just a normal little girl” who enjoyed being outside, and was always willing to try something new.

She said her son had a special knack for music and wanted to make music.

“It’s been so amazing to watch her grow up,” Lanzamas mother said.

“She’s so excited to make her own music, and she’s very creative, she’s not afraid to experiment.

She loves to make stuff.

I think that’s something we’ve never had in our family.”

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