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Logo Design About Why is the Seattle Seahawks logo so bad?

Why is the Seattle Seahawks logo so bad?

A team logo is the most important piece of business, especially in a modern market.

If the logo doesn’t have a great story behind it, it can be hard to tell which teams are truly good.

And it’s no different with a football team.

That’s why, with the Seattle Sounders logo, you have to have a really good story to get excited about what the team has going on with that logo.

It has a lot of great things going on, but the problem is that, because of how we’ve written the logo, we don’t really get the story behind how the Sounders are doing or where they’re going.

When the team was founded in 1998, the team’s logo was supposed to represent Seattle.

The logo itself was designed by the Seattle Mariners, and was supposed be a soccer team, but in 2000, Seattle decided to move to a different brand.

It was later changed to Sounders FC.

The new logo changed from a soccer logo to a basketball logo.

And the name of the team changed from Sounders to Sounders.

There was also a hockey logo that was designed to look like a hockey puck, and when the hockey team moved to the NBA in the mid-2000s, they changed the logo to be a hockey stick.

The team went on to win three championships, and it has always had a connection to the city of Seattle.

When a team is moving from one brand to another, the new logo has to have something to go with it.

This has been the case for a long time.

When I started this column, we didn’t even have a team name.

We had a logo.

The reason we were called Sounders was because we had the nickname of “The King of the Jungle.”

The Sounders are the kings of the jungle, but we have a nickname as well.

In that way, we’re an urban soccer team.

But when you go to a Seattle Seahawks game, you don’t see that nickname.

When you see the name “The Seahawks,” it’s a reference to that nickname, which is a very specific nickname.

The Sounders have always had their name, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

You don’t hear people talking about Seattle very often.

When we went to a Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field, we were treated to a pretty cool Seahawks jersey.

It’s very, very cool.

I mean, that’s a great jersey.

When it’s done right, it’s really special.

But we’ve also had a couple of years where we have lost the nickname.

I was watching the last game between the Seattle Galaxy and the Seattle Storm, and I could see that the fans were very, really upset about it.

But the fans really just wanted to know what the Seahawks were doing, and they were so passionate about it that they decided to take it out of the stadium.

That jersey was worn by the Sounders in the 2014 season.

But it was a very different jersey from the one that they wore in the season before that.

This is a brand-new jersey.

The Seahawks don’t have the same history of fans wearing the same jersey in the same way.

The first time I saw the jerseys, I was really blown away by how cool the jerseys looked.

The Seattle Seahawks are a brand that has been around for almost a century.

They’re a very famous brand in Seattle.

But they’re not the most famous brand.

I think that the team that people are talking about the most right now is the Dallas Cowboys, but when you watch the Cowboys, you see that there’s a lot more fans than there are Dallas Cowboys.

And then you watch teams like New England Patriots, and you see there’s more fans of teams like that.

So I think it goes to the name, because that’s what we’re looking for.

And what people want from us is a team that’s very well known in the world.

But at the same time, the brand is something that people talk about.

We don’t want to be associated with a brand like the Cowboys or New England, but people want a team with a name that they can look up to and know they’re associated with.

That doesn’t mean we have to put the name on every piece of merchandise, or even every logo.

We could make an attempt to use some of the branding from the Cowboys to create a logo that could be associated to a certain type of player.

But I think the main thing is that when we started talking about it, we weren’t sure what the branding could be.

We did a little bit of research.

It turns out that the Seahawks have been around a long way and have done a lot in terms of being known in some of these other cities.

We’ve played a lot at home.

We have the name Sounders.

We’re the city that has hosted the biggest stadium in the country, the SkyDome.

But in terms for branding, we haven’t really thought about it much. And that

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