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How to be the perfect Laker fan

A few weeks ago, I spent my entire morning watching the Lakers-Pelicans game on ESPN.

And I was like, This is how the Lakers do it.

I have a very specific way of looking at this franchise and how they do it, and I’ve been following it for so long.

So, as I’ve watched and rewatched it, it’s become a pretty good blueprint.

It’s a very simple formula.

First, they have an excellent core.

They have one of the league’s best point guards in D’Angelo Russell.

They had one of its most explosive players, Pau Gasol.

They’ve got a solid bench with three players who can score and score a lot of points.

And the big thing they need to do is find a way to win without Kobe Bryant.

And that’s why, after watching that game, I think they’ve done just that.

The first thing to understand about the Lakers is that they’re not a championship-caliber team, and they’re nowhere near it.

They’re not even close to being that.

They finished in the bottom half of the NBA last season in points allowed, and that was the lowest total since the Lakers first made the playoffs in 1989.

They scored just 76.9 points per 100 possessions in the second half of last season, the lowest figure since the team made the leap from the bottom of the Western Conference to the East in 1994-95.

This season, they’ve scored 111.9 per 100 on the road, which is the second-highest mark since the start of last year.

The Lakers have scored 107.7 per 100 off the road this season, which ranks among the league leaders.

The Lakers are currently tied for the worst road record in the league at 24-28.

The Warriors, the only team with a better road record this season than the Lakers, have allowed 106.7 points per game.

The Knicks, the most explosive team in the NBA this season and the team that the Lakers are facing in the West finals, have surrendered 105.1 points per contest.

And there’s just one more team in this season’s West playoffs that’s been worse than the Warriors and Knicks.

That’s why the Lakers need to find a new coach.

They need a new head coach who understands their style of play.

They want a coach who will take care of their veterans, who want to win games.

They don’t want to play for a coach with a winning record.

And they don’t like to have a coach that’s had a winning season.

So, the Lakers should look at a head coach like Kevin Durant.

This guy has played for the Lakers and the Warriors, and he’s one of them.

He’s not going to have to play in a different league.

He has all of the characteristics to be a great coach.

And he’s a great recruiter.

He could be the best recruiter in the country.

He can coach a team to a championship.

He does everything.

So I’m sure they’d be willing to listen.

And the Lakers could also look at Tom Thibodeau.

He is one of those coaches that really understands the Lakers.

And, in a way, he’s the perfect person to bring in because he is a coach and he has all the qualities that the players and coaches have.

Thibodeaux has won a championship in Chicago, but he is also a guy who has been in this league for 14 years.

He knows the game.

He understands the league.

And at the end of the day, he does everything that you would want a head man to do.

And if the Lakers were to trade for Thibodeaus head coach, he’d be the right person for them to make a deal with.

The second thing to know about Thibodeus is that he’s won a title in Minnesota, and the Timberwolves could very well have a better record than the Spurs.

The Timberwolves have a record of 17-22, but they’ve won 11 of their last 13 games, which includes four wins by a combined nine points.

But the Spurs are playing better and better, and if they lose to the Warriors in the Finals, they could very possibly have a chance to win the West.

And Thibodeuses coaching philosophy could be something that could work for the Wolves.

They would be in a better position to get a head-coaching job if they had the right personnel and Thiboderes experience.

There’s no question that Thibodeas experience is something that would make him a great fit for the Timberwolves.

And Thibodeans coaching philosophy would be something the Wolves could utilize.

They could put Thibodehes approach to the game to great use, and then use the lessons he would have learned in his coaching career.

So, with that in mind, I believe that Thibs coaching philosophy can help the Wolves make a run at the top of the West and, as the team prepares for the NBA Finals, Thib

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