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Logo Design About Why did the Washington Capitals’ jerseys wear so much gold?

Why did the Washington Capitals’ jerseys wear so much gold?

NHL teams have worn gold on their uniforms for years.

That’s because they’re cheap and easy to make, they’re a way to signal loyalty to a city or team and they’re very popular.

But with the NHL’s logo and colors changing from yellow to black and white to blue, some teams are choosing to ditch the gold in favor of something more subtle and less flashy.

The Dallas Stars have gone a step further and made the logos and colors black.

In a statement to NHL.com, the Stars said: “It is a trend to go black.

We’re looking to do something different this year.

We are excited about how our new uniforms will reflect that.

We’ve done that for many years and will continue to do so for years to come.”

The Dallas Blackhawks also recently took a big step toward black uniforms by adopting a black and gold color scheme.

The Blackhawks have worn black jerseys in all but three games this season.

The Black Hawks, who play in the NHL Central division, have worn their black uniforms in all nine games this year, with only one game coming against the Nashville Predators.

The Philadelphia Flyers’ black jerseys, as seen on the back of the jersey of defenseman Wayne Simmonds, feature a black stripe across the front of the uniform.

Flyers coach Craig Berube told the team’s website: “We’re looking for the best uniform for our team.

We think black is a good color.

It’s a classic look for us.”

The New York Islanders have gone black in five of their past six games.

The Islanders’ new uniforms feature a gray-colored stripe across a black chest and chest pocket, which they’ve been wearing this season, according to a team press release.

The Washington Capitals have also been using black jerseys for a while.

The Capitals are in the same division as the Flyers and Blackhawks, so they’ve worn black on the home and away team’s jerseys for years, according a team release.

The team’s new black jerseys feature a stripe across both the chest and the back, which the team is hoping to make a more uniform-friendly look.

The NHL is also experimenting with different uniforms in different ways this season in an effort to keep fans engaged and interested.

The Washington Capitals will be wearing a new, more streamlined black uniform this season after the team opted for a less streamlined black jersey last season.

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