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Logo Design Consultation When it comes to the RSS, the BJP is a political machine

When it comes to the RSS, the BJP is a political machine

In October, Narendra Modi became the first Indian prime minister to win a parliamentary election in his own party’s stronghold.

The BJP, which is currently in power in several states, has taken the unprecedented step of forming a new government in the national capital, and will form the next government.

But what is a new prime minister?

And how is a BJP government created?

In October, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the largest share of votes in the elections to the Lok Sabha in India.

But the party had to wait a while to get the new government.

Modi’s Bharatiye Sangh, or BJP, took over the reins of power on October 21.

The new government was created on November 6.

It is the first time that the BJP has had a prime minister since the 1980s.

What is a Prime Minister?

Prime ministers, or prime ministers, are responsible for drafting the national agenda.

They are often considered the ultimate decision makers.

But they are also often seen as party leaders, as well.

The prime minister is also the person who can direct the policies of the government.

How does a prime Minister form a government?

The process of forming the new party is called an assembly, and it happens after the elections are held.

The assembly is usually formed by the party leader who has the most votes.

This person is called the prime minister.

He or she then heads to the headquarters of the party and forms a government.

This assembly is the government that takes power in the state and is responsible for implementing its agenda.

The chief minister is the second-highest elected office holder in the country, after the president.

A cabinet is formed by a number of cabinet ministers, who will be elected in a plebiscite.

The cabinet will also be responsible for deciding on the cabinet members who will become ministers.

But the process of choosing the ministers is a different one.

There are usually more than two or three ministers in the cabinet.

In addition to the two or more ministers, the government also needs to appoint three or four ministers to the cabinet, depending on the state.

The process also involves some informal discussions among the cabinet ministers.

But even with that informal process, the cabinet has the power to appoint its ministers.

After the assembly is formed, the prime ministers office is set up at the headquarters, which also has a cabinet.

The government is now in the hands of a new set of ministers.

There is no direct representation from the prime ministerial office.

What does a cabinet do?

The cabinet is the final authority in the government of a state.

But it also plays a role in making decisions in a number other areas.

For example, the Cabinet also decides on the number of seats in the parliament, which can help decide on the priorities of the state’s budget and policies.

But cabinet decisions are not final.

The Cabinet is also responsible for approving or rejecting the budget that is proposed by the government and the laws and ordinances passed by the state government.

The minister of state for home affairs is also a cabinet member.

The Prime Minister, who is the chief minister, will have the final say in these matters.

The decision-making process also varies in different states.

In states like Tamil Nadu, for instance, the home ministry will decide on a number that is based on the government’s priority.

The central government, which has the authority to grant the licences, will decide whether to grant them.

The home ministry, in turn, will make a decision on the direction of the allocation of licences and licenses to the state, which will then be reflected in the budget.

However, the decisions of the cabinet are not legally binding.

A Cabinet cannot issue a decree or declare a state of emergency.

The president of India is the sole decision-maker in a state that has a Prime Ministers office.

And since the prime Minister has the right to veto the decisions that the cabinet takes, there is no clear separation between the cabinet and the president in the absence of any formal relationship.

What happens in the Parliament?

Parliament is the third-highest legislative body in the world.

It meets every five years.

This legislative body has the mandate to decide whether or not the government should enact certain policies.

This includes making decisions on the allocation and allocation of funds, as the government has a statutory duty to make decisions on all issues in the economy.

The parliamentarians’ job is to decide on all these matters, as it can’t change the government in any way.

This is also called a bill of attainder.

The constitution allows the parliament to pass any bill that it wants to.

This can include a law, which sets a minimum minimum wage and the income tax rates.

The bill can also provide for a reduction in pension age or other benefits, and some restrictions on certain kinds of business.

A bill can only pass if all the states and Union Territories sign off on it.

What are the issues that a bill can address?

In the case of

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