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What you need to know about the Yule Log cabin homes

Homebuyers can get their dream Yule log cabin homes on Amazon Prime today with the purchase of the cabin homes, and there are now four different price points to choose from. 

Here’s everything you need to know about each. 

The Yule Log cabin Home Price range: $2,799 – $5,999. 

This cabin home features two bedrooms, a living room and a dining room, all designed to be built from scratch, with a wood stove, a stone fireplace and an excellent water filter. 

There are also a wood and stone gated doors in the living room and an  excellently designed fireplace in the dining room. 

YULE Log cabin home is available for purchase in four price points (below) Price Range: $2,999 – $4,999 This Yules log cabin home features a spacious living room with a fireplace, a fireplace  and a modern wood stove. 

A large glass front window makes it easier to view the world from inside the home. It’s also a good place to keep water and cooking water. 

Price:  $4.99 – $6,299 This Yule logs cabin home has a fireplace and a wood stove in the foyer and is available in three price ranges (below). 

PriceRange: -$2,399 – $3,799 This living room features a fancy cafe and a large wine fridge. 

All of these cafes have an excellent water filter and great storage space. 

In addition to the caffiene bar, the wood-burning fireplace also features an adorned window that allows natural sunlight to shine through. 

With a large wine fridge, you can also store wine and other food items.  Price:  $3,599 – $7,399 This dining room features two bedroom cabs that include a large dining table, an adorn window and a wine fridge.

The cabins include a kitchenette with a sink and a coffee maker and an amazing stove with a built-in cooker that can keep your food warm. 

These cabbins have a built-ins couch that is completely customizable. 

The kitchenette includes a countertop and table, and can be fitted with more cables.  Price:- $5,799- $7.799 The Yules log cabins includes a bundled bespoke lounge, a wine cooler, a coffee maker and three couches to store extra food. 

One couple can also move the furniture and storage to a separate kitchens and cabin rooms. 

Cost:-   $799 – $11,999

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